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2001 Dance Group
The Greek Village Dancers, performing in Monterey for the new
Access Monterey Peninsula TV station, August 2001.


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Come join us at Link opens in new window Epsilon Restaurant for an informal dinner/dance the first Wednesday of each month! Next scheduled Epsilon appearance is Wednesday 1 December at 7:00 PM. We will dance after dinner (around 8:30), come join the fun!

Our mission: To teach and develop empathy for traditional and modern folk dances from the mainland, mountains, islands, and tavernas of Greece. We emphasize the vitality and cultural heritage embodied in the dance. Our goal is to develop feeling for and the ability to partake fully in the beauty and spontaneity of Greek dancing.

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To learn more about us (and about Greek dancing) choose an option below.

An article about us - in Greek America Magazine.

The Greek Village Dancers - Our performing group.

Greek Dance Instruction - Our folk dance classes.

Background Information - How we came to be.

Traditional & Modern Greek Dances - Information about some of our dances.

Why Greek Dancing? - Why do we dance?

Drivelan Meet the Dancers - Photos and information on some of our Greek Village Dancers.

Photos Of Selected Past Performances - Dancing is our joy!

Upcoming Performances - Come see us!

In Memorium - Honoring dancers and friends of days past.

Dance and other Greek Links - Greek dance & other good things.

For class information or to book Greek Dancers of the Monterey Peninsula for a performance, Contact Darold Skerritt, instructor, or phone (831) 375-2549.

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