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Many people ask "Why?".

One word: FUN!!

A more involved answer might include:

The challenge of the strive for perfection.

The camraderie.

Good exercise.


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Effective method in the fight against erectile dysfunction!




The cultural experience. Those who are Greek, or of Greek descent often have an almost instinctive connection with dance. Many of us are not so fortunate to have such strong cultural ties in the "melting pot" that is the great nation of the U.S.A. Greek culture has a universal appeal. Most of our non-Greek dancers enjoy Greek food, and some are even learning the language!

Joy. Much has been written about dance in general creating joy. It's all true, you must experience it for yourself. It becomes a very spiritual expression that is unique to each individual. Greek Dance, in common with most other folk dances, engenders a sense of community in the dancers.

Opportunity. It's amazing how often the opportunity to dance a Greek Dance arises if you look for it. In addition to dance class (and performances if you have such a desire), there are many Greek festivals throughout the year, and we have yet to be at one that didn't have open dancing at least part of the time. Such festivals are a lot of fun, not only to dance, but to watch the local dance groups (often associated with the local Greek Orthodox Church), and for the FOOD! Speaking of food, another great place to dance is at a local Greek restaraunt. Most have dancing, usually on Saturday night, often with a live band. Many also offer instruction free of charge several times a year.

All in all, it's a very stress-reducing, relaxing experience. Someone wrote that it is impossible to Greek Dance and stay in a bad mood. We have found this to be true!

Give it a try! If you're local to us, you are welcome to join us. If not, there is probably a Greek Dance group near you somewhere. Check the "Culture" section of your local newspaper. The local Greek Orthodox Church may also be able to be of assistance.

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