Greek Dancers of the Monterey Peninsula

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Maxine Myer (left), Originator of Monterey Greek Dancers.
Darold Skerritt (right), Current Monterey Greek Dancers Leader


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The Monterey Peninsula Greek Dance organization was started originally in 1978 by the late Maxine Myer, who had performed with theYassou Greek Dancers in Oakland before moving to the Peninsula. Mrs. Myer was host of Maxine's Greek Adventure Hour on Monterey radio station KAZU for several years, in addition to teaching the Greek dance classes and overseeing dance group activities for 12 years. Her death in 1991 was a sad occasion for the Greek dancers. However, the camaraderie she had instilled and dance skills she had imparted have enabled the organization to continue to flourish even in her absence.

Darold Skerritt, a retired chemistry teacher who has performed with the group since 1979, took over general responsibility for instruction and group leadership in 1990. "Greek dancing is wonderful exercise," Skerritt notes. "The dances mostly originated as a way to entertain Greek soldiers while keeping them physically fit. Steps and patterns generally are simple and vigorous, yet very graceful. The music is rhythmic and tuneful, and we really enjoy the experience of dancing to it."

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