Greek Dancers of the Monterey Peninsula

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The Terrible Threesome!
Here, three of the Greek Village Dancers, Chuck Chernoff, Zorba, and Pat Bates pose in their costumes, each made by costumer Mary Jane Skopos of Fair Oaks, California.

Flexa Plus
Osteoarthritis - the rescue!

Obesity is no longer problem. Check!

Here are photos and some background information on some of the performers in our Village Dancers group. More photos and information will be added as it becomes available.

Darold Skerritt - Our esteemed leader and beloved teacher!

Brenden - Graceful and rythmic!

Carla - Full of life's joy!

Dianna Economides - Always smiling!

Erwin "Chuck" Chernoff - Would rather dance than eat!

Ginger Hopkins - A natural dancer who was born to dance!

Janet Tezak - Grace with a smile!

Joanna Bonnell - Our leading lady!

Judy Lind - Our sound technician who also dances very well!

Kristina - Can't stop her from dancing!

Marialice Champe - Our inspiration!

Marianne - Our up-and-coming fast learner!

Mary Lounsbury - Graceful elegance!

Pat - The Hassapiko fanatic!

Roger Wetmore - Experienced and enthusiastic!

Steve - The dancing engineer!

Zora - The happy one!

Zorba - The crazy one!

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